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Recruitment And SHRM

Recruitment or Hiring is the process of searching and attracting the right candidates for hiring them for vacant jobs in an organization. There are two sources of recruitment, internal sources and external sources. Recruitment refers to the process of searching for potential employees and influencing them to work for their organization. It is an important part of an organization’s human resource planning and their competitive strength. Competent human resources at the right positions in the organization are a vital resource and can be a core competency or a strategic advantage for it. It Determine present and future manpower requirements of the organization in coordination with planning and job analysis activities. It Acts as a link between the employers and the job seekers. Create a pool of candidates so that the management can select the right candidate for the right job from this pool.

The purpose of SHRM is to align the organization vision with the external world and create long term value for stakeholders by unlocking the organization’s potential, resources, and its people’s wisdom and compassion. Strategic Good strategic management integrates organizational functions into a strategic plan so that all organizational units operate in a coordinated fashion in support of the overall strategy. Management becomes a critical business process for any organization which has a long-term vision to be a leader in its business. Strategic human resource management (SHRM), then, is the process by which an organization’s management integrates its human resource plans and programs with the strategic plan of the organization Thus, strategic management process brings about a balanced execution between the internal and external environments. For example, the traditional human resource (HR) concern of selecting job applicants who display skills that are predictive of good job performance may only be implicitly related to the strategic objectives of the organization. SHRM stands in contrast to traditional human resource management (HRM), which contributes to an organization at the operational level.

Batch Time Course Duration
As per your time Schedule 3 Months

Yes. After completion of training, you can collect certificate from EDTI Thane Institute.

  • EDTI’s Online Recruitment And SHRM Training helps the students to get oriented towards the training and the online environment.
  • Through EDTI’s Online Training, Learning becomes easier as you can take the training at anytime from anywhere through web access.
  • You can access training for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Get learn from trainers around to broaden your minds and perspective.
  • You can connect with other classmates who are from wide range of backgrounds and various locations.
  • It will make you learn some creative and innovative strategies for teaming up with a group through electronic communication.
  • You can easily balance your current education with the work and family life.
  • It will make you learn more conveniently because you learn at your won place.
  • You can learn relevant content through our Recruitment And SHRM Online course.
  • Every candidates can access the trainers through chats, emails & group discussion without waiting for office hours.

You should have proper internet connection device & we will let you know the tools to download before starting the training.

Any applicant who wishes to apply for the course needs to comply with the following Pre-Requisite Requirements:

  • Education – Minimum Graduation required in any field.
  • Experience – Fresher’s / Experienced both are eligible. While Applicant with no industrial experience can also apply for this Certification Scheme, experience of 1-2 years will be suitable to better understand the contents of this course
  • Any IT & Non IT / BPO Professionals
  • Any Post Graduates Freshers / Experienced