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“The policies and practices one needs to carry out the ‘People’ or Human Resource aspects of a management position, including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding and appraising.”
- Gray Dessler

Professional certified course in HRM

HR training institute in thane

According to the Invancevich and Glueck, ―HRM is concerned with the most effective use of people to achieve organizational and individual goals. It is the way of managing people at work, so that they give their best to the organization‖.Human Resource Management is an operation in companies designed to maximize employee performance in order to meet the employer's strategic goals and objectives. It is a process where people and organizations are brought together so that the goals of each are met. HRM is the process of recruiting, selecting employees, providing proper orientation and induction, imparting proper training and developing skills.

Human Resources include a broad spectrum of specialties within organizations. Some examples of specialties include recruiting, payroll, policy, safety, training and development, and performance management. In smaller organizations, the HR professional may handle all of those specialties and in larger organizations, each specialty is most likely its own department. HR is responsible to develop programs that will attract, select, develop, and retain the talent needed to meet the organizational mission.

  • HR lists high in the careers specifically on job growth, earnings potential, creativity & flexibility.
  • Human Resource career gives you an opportunity to help people, provides a strong opportunity for growth ,days with a variety of tasks, a robust job market and possibly even telecommunicating opportunities and flexible hours.
  • HR gets an opportunity to work with many people at every stage of their careers.
  • HR works on variety of tasks that is from staffing a booth at recruitment fair to leading a training class.
  • HR gets an opportunity to participate in long-range planning, with insider views on how the entire organization works.
  • HR professional can work in every industry of every size.
  • HR have that skills and knowledge to work just about anywhere.
  • Capacity to increase the knowledge and to analyze, evaluate and manage the different aspects of HR and Digital marketing.
  • Career oriented best practical training at professional levels.
  • To analyze the strategy of the career.
  • To work theoretically and practically in the process of organizational atmosphere.
  • We are student-centered.
  • Focus on learning resulting from an activity itself.
  • 100% practical approach towards training.
  • We train you the best because we make the knowledge stick by using real-world examples.
  • We match the one learner with one trainer to show them the ropes .
  • Our training delivery method keeps all the information together where it is easily accessible to learners day after day.
Batch Time Course Duration
As per your time Schedule 3 Months

Yes. After completion of training, you can collect certificate from EDTI Thane Institute.

  • EDTI’s Online HR Training helps the students to get oriented towards the training and the online environment.
  • Through EDTI’s Online Training, Learning becomes easier as you can take the training at anytime from anywhere through web access.
  • You can access training for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Get learn from trainers around to broaden your minds and perspective.
  • You can connect with other classmates who are from wide range of backgrounds and various locations.
  • It will make you learn some creative and innovative strategies for teaming up with a group through electronic communication.
  • You can easily balance your current education with the work and family life.
  • It will make you learn more conveniently because you learn at your won place.
  • You can learn relevant content through our HRM(HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT) Online course.
  • Every candidates can access the trainers through chats, emails & group discussion without waiting for office hours.

You should have proper internet connection device & we will let you know the tools to download before starting the training.

Any applicant who wishes to apply for the course needs to comply with the following Pre-Requisite Requirements:

  • Education – Minimum Graduation required in any field.
  • Experience – Fresher’s / Experienced both are eligible. While Applicant with no industrial experience can also apply for this Certification Scheme, experience of 1-2 years will be suitable to better understand the contents of this course
  • Any IT & Non IT / BPO Professionals
  • Any Post Graduates Freshers / Experienced