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Let's check out here, what Additional Benefits you will get from EDTI Only

Soft skills are those skills that are some desirable qualities which is been used for certain forms of employment. It does not depend on the acquired knowledge or qualification but is related to the common sense, ability to communicate with the people and deal them in a positive and a flexible attitude. It includes various skills such as social skills, interpersonal skills and a positive attitude.It reflects our approach towards the life and work. Soft skills are not just important when facing the customers and clients, they are equally important when it comes to interact with the colleagues. It also relates to how you work with others. Employers value soft skills because they enable peopleto function and thrive in teams and in organization as a whole.

Some important soft skills include :

  • Communication skills
  • Decision making
  • Leadership skills
  • Self-Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving skills
  • Team working skills
  • Time management
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Positive attitude towards life
  • Positive attitude towards work
  • Responsibility
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution

Mock interview are simply known as Practice Interview. It is a type of simulation of an actual job interview. It helps the jobseekers to know about their interviewing skills and where they are lacking. It gives them an opportunity to practice for the interview and improve their skills. It is held with a professional counselor or an interviewer. It helps to develop some interview strategies so that you can be confident while giving the interviews. It also helps you to learn how to face the difficult questions and also to improve your communication skills. A mock interview reduces your stress level before you go for the actual job interview.

EDTI provides you with some types of mock interviews. Here are some :

  • Semi-structured interview
  • In-person mock interviews
  • Mock phone
  • Job-specific interview
  • General Interview

Our EDTI experts are well experienced and are creative in preparing CV. They know how to design your CV by putting the right keywords which is appropriate for your profile. They know where to highlight your career goals and make your CV worth it. The proper alignment and structuring of your achievements are well explained through our expert team.

Our passion is to provide our candidates with best practical training and in the same way our mission is to polish them for the next phase of their life and offer them the placement. We help our candidates to develop proper job seeking approach as per your qualifications, experience, skills and talents. Also to start a new journey in their respective fields.

We place our candidates as per the needs and expectations of the companies as we believe that our trained candidates become most suitable for the company requirements. We look after to facilitate a good career planning process.

Looking to take a review of your course…Great…We help you to gain the appropriate knowledge of what you have learnt throughout the training period. We offer our candidates with a free course retake within one year from the date of enrolling for the course. Because we believe that our candidates should always have an active participation in what they have learnt throughout their journey of course.

Our expertise team are outreached to our candidates so that they can outlet to resolve doubts and queries of academic natures. Our team is available all the time and will connect with them in no long time.